2011 November Steffen Peters/Janet Foy Symposium

Braxton and I were selected to be a PSG/I1 level demonstrator at the Steffen Peters and Janet Foy Symposium.  It was great fun and everyone learned a lot.  We got some great tips on how to improve the canter pirouettes, and we also rode through the canter tour of the I-1.  Braxton was awesome.

Braxton at the 2011 Steffen Peters and Janet Foy Symposium

2011 October Conrad Schumacher Clinic

One week after Devon and during amazing Fall weather, Foley and I cliniced with Conrad Schumacher.  We were able to do one lesson out in Tempel Farm’s large jumping arena to help open up Foley’s trot.  It was a ride I will never forget, what a beautiful day!

2011 Dressage at Devon

What a week!  Hannah was able to drive up with me and help me out with the horses, and take some wonderful photos.  Charleston was very well behaved in this crazy atmosphere at Devon and placed in the Suitability for 4 Year Old Horses.  Foley had a great week!!  He was the winner of the Suitability for 5 and 6 Year Old Horses, his first (and hopefully not last!) blue ribbon at Devon! Foley put in a stellar FEI 5 Year Old test to score a 7.72 and 2nd place, and also winning the All-American Hanoverian Young Dressage Horse Award for being the highest placed US born Hanoverian being sired by an AHS Elite Stallion in the FEI Young Horse class.  Braxton was phenomenal!  In the first few Fourth Level tests, we had some problems with a bit of spookyness in the walk work, which cost him a few wins. However, he was able to put in a great, clean Fourth Level Test 3 for a 74.083%.  Nothing like saving the best for last!  He was the highest scoring Fourth Level horse at Dressage at Devon and won a fancy trophy and neck ribbon.  Veni came along as well for a bit of schooling, and was perfect.

Braxton heading into the award ceremonies

Charlie warming up Dressage at Devon

Foley schooling at Devon

Veni schooling at Devon


2011 September Silverwood show

During this show Amanda coached Kaye-Eileen and Anakin to a 72.973% at First Level.  Nicole was able to finish up her scores for her USDF Bronze Medal! Kristina Wang traveled up from Nebraska with her Belladiva and Amanda was able to help them.  Krissy was able to earn her USDF Gold Medal, Congratulations!!!  They scored a 64.894 in the Grand Prix.  This talented former Young Rider has trained her mare, Belladiva, from Training Level to Grand Prix.  Way to go!! Congrats medal winners!

Kaye-Eileen and Anakin

Kristina and Belladiva

Nic and Oxford

2011 August Lamplight Show

A busy weekend with the USEF Developing and Young Horse Championships being held at Lamplight as well as the open show.  In the open show Amanda’s horses were successful with Lancelot receiving a 60% in his first ever PSG, Braxton a 67.368% in the PSG, Charleston a 74.167% in T-1, Donarkeil a 76.129% in 1-3 and the star of the show, Duval, with a whopping 84.286% in T-2 and receiving a 9 on gaits from judge Linda Zang!



2011 July Lamplight Dressage

The Lamplight July show was a busy day!  Amanda competed on 7 horses during this show.  All of the horses did so well!  Here are some highlights: Braxton 72% in 4-3 and a 68% in PSG, Lancelot 68.205% in 3-3, Foley 7.54 FEI 5 year old test and 74.793% in 1-1, Duval 7.32 FEI 5 year old test and 72.414% in 1-1, Donarkeil 76% in T-3, Charleston 72.4 in T-3, and Zavile with a 69.2 in T-3.  Nicole had a good show with Oxford receiving a 66% in the FEI Jr Individual Test.  Thank you to Hannah for helping out and taking great photos!

2011 July 9 Silverwood Dressage

What was planned on being Braxton’s first road trip with us just to school at the horse show, turned into his show debut!  With a scratch in the PSG, we decided to go for it and enter last minute.  Duval and Charleston also competed, this time it was Charlies turn to take home the championship ribbon with a 72.083 at Training Level.

2011 June IDCTA Summer Kick-Off show

The youngsters were out at this show.  Charleston and Zavile made their Training Level debuts with scores in the 70’s for both of them.  Duval started the show with some young horse excitement, probably his worst test of the year, but then ended up a pro, bringing home the First Level high point with a 72.581%!


2011 June 11 Silverwood Show

Duval scored well at First level and earned a 73.871 in 1-3.  Dewie also performed a very good FEI 5 year old test with a 7.86.  The judges commented that he was going for a 10 on submission until a minor mishap in the second simple change. Bummer!  We almost held it together!  Foley earned a 7.32 in his FEI 5 Year Old Test.  Charleston came along for the ride and was at the show as a non compete.

Charleston is jealous of Duval's Champion ribbon, he wants one next time!